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January 22, 2009



European Parliament - the EU’s most powerful institution - but not according to ordinary Europeans?

January 30, 2009 by Magda from ECJWatch

A while ago I wrote that the ECJ was the most powerful institution in the European Union’s lawmaking and policymaking structure. Frankly, this has always been a bit of an exaggeration. No surprise - I have a website called ‘ECJWatch’. In fact, if we were to ask the insiders today, they would probably name the European Parliament as the most powerful EU institution. Its powers are growing constantly, so does its political influence. But how engaged are the people of Europe with their representatives who are becoming so important? Not enough it seems.

In an article on the FT Brussels Blog, Tony Barber wrote about the “important and disturbing connection between the parliament’s increasing powers and the falling voter turnout”. As the elections to the European Parliament are coming soon, the question is how many people will actually bother to vote. Apart from the poor Belgians who actually must, what about the other nations? VOTE, PEOPLE!

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